Happy St. Mardi Patty’s Day

My girlfriend and I recently had another party: right after Mardi Gras, and before St. Patty’s day. Here is the illustration I worked up for the invites. It started out hand drawn on tracing paper.  I then scanned, live traced and edited my lines for nice heavy smooth black lines in Illustrator, and colored in Photoshop.



The design was split into fourths, and the party information was completely secondary. Admittedly, the info did not work with the design as well as it did with the Halloween invites (I will take some photos of the printed invites in the near future). My focus and enjoyment came from illustrating and coloring this one, but sadly the color on the prints came out flat. Coupled with the slapped on information, they did not nearly reach the awesomeness the Halloween Hero and Villain invites had.

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  1. Charles Teater

    I want a poster size…

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